This is one of those Indian weddings that knows exactly how to pull at my heart strings.  Our crafty Maharani, Neha, put personalized, handmade touches throughout her wedding day.  As if her bridesmaids didn’t look smashing enough, Neha made peacock hair pieces she made for each one.  And, here is the one Indian wedding detail that made me instantaneously burst into tears : Neha made a matching peacock broach and calgi that are going to be passed down to their kids! 

Indian-wedding-hair-bridesmaid copy
Images by Martinography

From the Maharani, Neha :

My bridal style was inspired by old bollywood, and honestly pictures of my parents wedding. The goal was to look classic and have a wedding where people could feel like it was uniquely us. My parents had a simple wedding, and I didn't want over the top decorations. I was very specific about having a 4-piller mandap with traditional red and golden colors with a touch of teal for the ceremony. For the reception, I wanted peacock colors with red accents; I felt that both occasions should feel separate and have their own vibe. The decorator was great; it was her idea to do something different and use feathers and fine tapestries instead of the usual flowers. I also worked hard to make some of the stuff myself--I made made the peacock broach that I wore, and made a matching calgi (grooms hat pin) that I hope to pass down to our kids. I also made the peacock feather clips that my bridesmaids wore, and the dahlia clip that was in mine. I glued together the rhinestones and bobby pins that were also in my hair, and my husband and I collaborated on the programs and table numbers--both which were made by us on Mac Pages and printed at Kinko's. The table numbers were awesome--each was a movie poster that was important to us with descriptions of why on the back. Everyone loved it!

Isn't this wedding adorable?  Neha's enthusiams definitely comes right through.  More fun coming right up!