After a weekend filled with some quality R&R, we are starting off the week at in true Maharani style.  Today’s Florida Indian wedding comes from our friends over at Fine Art Productions.  This modern Indian wedding is SO gorgeous, that it will easily chase every one of your Monday blues away.  Filled with glamorous bridal lenghas and fresh Indian wedding ideas {spoiler : you will LOVE this baraat} it’s traditional meets chic from start to finish.

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Indian-Wedding-Haldi-Pithi copy
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From our Maharani, Reenal : 

I currently am a 3rd year Pediatric resident in Brooklyn and my now husband is in finance at JPMorgan Chase, New York City. So, planning a wedding in Tampa with both of our hectic schedules was very difficult. However, my family was amazing!!!

Since, I was the first wedding on my dad’s side, all of my aunts and uncles were eager to help.  My mom and her family was brought up in Bombay, so I always knew I was going to get my wardrobe from there. I didn’t have any particular colors in mind because I wanted to keep my options open. It took me about 2.5 weeks to pick out exactly what outfits I wanted because I wanted to search for the best of the best. I got my henna outfit from Aishwarya, my Vidhi outfit from Aishwarya, my Garba outfit from Jade by Karishma and Monica, my Wedding outfit from Friendship, and my Reception outfit from Aishwarya. I was lucky to know the individuals who worked at these stores and they were able to customize all of the outfits. This allowed me to take ideas from some outfits and mix them with others to create something I absolutely loved.   

Since I lived so far away, I was pretty much leaving the decision of the Mendhi, Vidhi, and Garba to my mom and planner. I gave them suggestions of what I liked and didn’t like, but let them come up with the concept. This made my life really easy, especially when working more than 80 hours a week. The theme for my henna night was a Moroccan theme which included a tent and low table seating. For that night, I truly just wanted everybody to enjoy and mingle with the groom’s side. To also get the two sides mingling with each other, we played a round of antakshari, which both the old and young enjoyed.  

The next morning was the Vidhi, which was kept to Gujarati tradition-a lot of color and plenty of flowers. My family members definitely had a great time placing the Pithi on me and trust me they got me everywhere!! Just having all of the participants laughing and having fun, really made that time special for me.  The garba was an important part to me as well because I am big on Garba.  I wanted to make sure that the group I had was going to be able to keep the crowd going throughout the night-which they definitely did. The Surbahaar Group of Melbourne did their first wedding in Tampa and they brought the house down. They knew exactly what the crowd wanted and they delivered.  

More of this fabby Florida Indian Wedding coming right up!