I am overjoyed to announce our winner of the March Maharani of the Month contest.  Mrs. Rajni Seth has won!  Thank you to all the beautiful Maharanis that entered and don't forget to enter next months' contest!


Image by Aaroneye Photography


From our Maharani, Rajni :

MW: What was your favorite wedding day accessory?

My favorite wedding day accessory would have to be my chura (bracelets) as I had no idea how they looked right up until the morning of my wedding when my Mama finished putting them on me. I was so thrilled because they looked so beautiful! Still have them on!!! 

MW: How did you feel on your wedding day?

I was absolutely happy and excited, surprisingly I was not nervous at all!! But at the same time was surprised that my BIG day was already here. The time really does go by extremely fast and before you know it you've gone from being a Miss----->Mrs!!! 

MW: What's your advice for Maharanis-to-be?

I know all newly engaged Maharani's feel that the planning stage seems like forever and they just want to fast fwd to the actual wedding, but the only advice I would like to share with Maharani's is to treasure every moment, every event and truly soak in all the fun. Your family and friends are there to celebrate your happiness and you would not want to miss a moment of it!! After all the countless hours of sleepless nights of planning, at the end of it all it is completely worth it!!!

MW: What do you love about Maharani Weddings?

"Maharani Weddings is an amazingly fabulous website inspired with beautiful and unique ideas to suit any bride to be!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!"