"I'm sure all the brides reading this will agree that planning a wedding, a desi wedding at that, in four months is near impossible. Technically I had been planning my wedding in my mind for years but once faced with the task, I was exhausted, being a picky bride didn't help either. At one point I had decided I would rather let someone else (parents and husband) take over and do all the planning. I pretty much did not have time for anything so I scoured the internet looking for sources and information on wedding planning, that is when I found Maharani Weddings. After looking at so many beautiful weddings, and wonderful ideas from all the brides out there, I decided that no matter what I had to plan my wedding and try and do everything I had been imagining in my head for years. Maharani weddings gave me a great amount of inspiration to make my wedding celebrations the most beautiful and memorable days of my life."


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