Reader submissions are some of my absolute favorite submissions because I la-la-la love hearing the wedding fairytale story from the Maharani herself.  And, today’s Virginia Indian wedding is no exception to this rule. Our bride is so totally enthusiastic about weddings,  that this little darling got married three times to seal the deal.  We are going to kick it off with some snapshots from their totally cool engagement session.  Parsons Photography got this one, oh-so right!

Images by Parsons Photography

From the Maharani of the day, Anjali :

We actually got married 3 times! My husband's family is Sikh, so we had a traditional Sikh wedding at a Gurudwara in NJ, that was June 12 2010. Two weeks later on June 26th 2010 we had our Hindu wedding (the wedding I am submitting) in Leesburg, VA, and two weeks after that, on July 8, on our 2-year dating anniversary (and the date we celebrate) we had a civil ceremony in Washington, DC.

Much more on the way...stay tuned!