If you are an Indian bride who loves clean lines, white sofas, and Philippe Starck, you are going to stop and simply say WOW. After years and years of showiness and gaudiness, it is exhilarating to see this ultra modern style come to Indian weddings.  It’s a vision of simplicity, infused with a thoughtful color palette, and topped off with uber creative florals & design. No detail was too small to be over looked and make sure you pay special attention to the modern wedding cake with cupcakes. It's almost too beautiful to eat! 

Indian wedding cake modern copy
Indian wedding dance copy
Indian wedding decor copy
Hats, I mean, Tiaras off (this is Maharani after all) to our gorgeous couple for sharing this special day with us.  And, BIG thanks to Damion Edwards Photography!

Have a great night, Maharanis!