Good Morning Maharanis!  I trust that everyone had a wonderful Superbowl weekend, and is ready for some Indian wedding fun this week. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone has roses on their mind.  So, when I came across this fun little DIY project by 2create Designs, I knew that I had to immediately share it.  If you are looking for an easy way to shave some dollars off your Indian wedding bill, this easy peasy, modern centerpiece is purrrfect.  

In less than 10 steps, 2create Designs, will have you looking like this :

Do it yourself 074

Do it yourself 057

Do it yourself 058

Do it yourself 063

Do it yourself 065

Floral DIY copy

Do it yourself 071

Step #1: Choose the flower of your choice.

Step #2: Take about 6-7 stems of the flower and clean them.

Step #3: Take one stem at a time and create a bouquet.

Step #4: Holding the flowers in place, wrap green floral tape around the stems to secure them in place.

Step #5: Cut the bottom of the stems to your desired height.

Step #6: Choose a ribbon color of choice and wrap over the green floral tape. Secure ribbon with pearl pin or any form of pin.

Step #7: Add a few more pins or rhinestone if you would like to have some more decor on your bouquet.

Step #8: Add water to your vase.

Step #9: Place bouquet at an angle at the top of the vase so that the stems are pushing against the vase keeping them up.  

Step #10: Admire your handi work, and give yourself a pat on the back!

It’s fresh! It’s simple!  And, it is perfect for saving some money at a Sangeet, Engagement Party, or even to make your Valentine’s Day roses look extra special next to your bed.

More fun coming right up!