I promised fusion, and right here, right now, I am going to deliver an Indian fusion wedding that is going to leave you breathless.  This adorable couple got married twice on their special day, once in a Hindu wedding ceremony and once in a Catholic ceremony.  Every wedding expert I talk to says that the key to a great fusion wedding all boils down to the details, and I couldn’t agree more.  I love how our bride walked down the aisle holding the hands of her two little nieces. I mean, the only thing better than a mini-Maharani escort, is two mini-Maharani escorts! All this and more captured through the lens of the always fabulous, Wedding Documentary.



From the bride :

For the Hindu ceremony we took the traditional route even though the groom to be was a Catholic. The colors were deep red, fuchsia pink, and ivory and gold chairs. The groom came on a fully adorned horse with the baraat leading the way. The groom’s family wasclothed in traditional Indian lenghas and kurtas to set the mood. The brides mom, sisters and bridesmaids adorned beautiful pink saris with glistened in the morning sun. I walked in holding the hands of my two beautiful nieces who wore red lenghas that were replicas of my bridal outfit. I told myself that I would not get emotional but I could not help it as I walked to the mandap which was decorated with red, fuchsia and white carnation strings.The gold chiavari chairs had ivory cushions and were decorated with red tulle sashes. The programs were handed out by ushers and explained the Hindu ceremony to guests that were not familiar. The ceremony was followed by a traditional Punjabi wedding lunch of Chole, bhature and lassi. Yum!


More Indian wedding ideas coming right up!  You won’t wanna miss this next one!