As we round out the beautiful day on Maharani, I must admit I am a little sad to see this couple go.  They managed to blend their customs and traditions into one gorgeous fusion Indian wedding, and it sets the tone for the rest of their life.  Clearly, these two know how to work together, while making sure their individuality still shines bright.  So, sit back and watch this darling couple go off into the sunset as Mr. & Mrs.


From the bride :

After a quick change we were ready to for the reception which was Peacock themed. I worked with royal purple, teal and avocado green. These colors captured the essence onthe Peacock and complimented each other well. The flowers consisted of green poms, blue dendrobium orchids, and purple carnations. The cake topper was a male and female peacock lovebird set all handmade. There was an almost life size peacock that graced the design in table and sat atop a birdcage.

My advice to any bride would be to plan everything in advance so that you can actually enjoy the celebrations and different ceremonies. Make sure you capture the essence ofyourself and your groom in your wedding because your wedding is a representation ofwho you are as a couple. For us, we wanted a fun, beautiful, well-organized affair andenough bells and whistles so that out wedding would be timeless and memorable. Also,remember that the wedding is truly for the bride and every detail should be done to yourhearts content. Remember to enjoy the experience and remember that at the end of theday you will be married to a wonderful man and you will make many great memories together.

Hats off and THANK YOU to Wedding Documentary for this amazing Indian fusion wedding!

See you tomorrow everyone!