I feel like Elle Woods today because I keep hearing her telltale high pitched voice saying, "I LOVE costume parties!"  

Last year, no wedding was complete without an ambiance filled with lighting.  This year, it’s the wedding theme that no wedding is complete without.

Since you don’t want your glamorous Indian flared reception to be over taken by something kitschy, your Sangeet is the perfect event to bring a festive wedding theme to life.   It’s a fun little way to kick off your wedding week, and it gives your guests something unexpected and something that is so totally you (and your hubby!)

The Nautical theme is perfect for any summer time Maharani who is planning a sea side affair. A strong navy, soft blues, crisp white, and a dash of red round out this seafaring color palette. We love this palette because it creates a relaxed atmosphere that is anything but fussy and stuffy.


Indian wedding nautical copy

And, the best part about the Nautical look is that a complete look can be achieved on a minimal budget.  

Here are some of our favorite ideas for achieving with look without blowing the budget :

- Navy blue and white table clothes with rope sashes.  Works great for any buffet too!

- Colorful paper boats with flags for appetizers or chat.  YUM!

- Starfish and seashells scattered here and there.

- A life preserver adorned with your names on it.

All of this can be taken care of in one simple afternoon.  Not a ton of time or money, but you are sure to achieve a big bang! Now if only I could find a seersucker baby sherwani for my nephew!

More coming up!