For any Maharani with a big personality and big smile, it is only fitting to have a theme that is larger than life. The Old Hollywood theme has classic appeal and its easy to see why people are crazy about this trend. By infusing your favorite legends into your venue, putting a personal spin on this party becomes a piece of cake. After all it’s a glamorous party for a glamorous Maharani!

Indian wedding theme - hollywood copy
A few ideas fit for your FABulous Sangeet :

- Stage a Hollywood walk of fame with stars and names of all your bridal party and family.

- Accessories tables with clapboards filled in with significant dates and titles.  Engagement, First Date, Meeting the Parents, Trips, etc.  It’s a fun way to share your story with your guests.

- Any Hollywood theme must have a red carpet equipped with optional dress up accessories for guests. Trust us, pictures of you and your mother in law wearing feather boas will go down as an all time favorite!

- Trivia questions about you and your hubby’s favorite musicians, movies, actors and actresses will keep your guests entertained and mingling all night!

A Hollywood themed Sangeet can easily be created at a home, hotel, or hall.  Just let your imagination run wild and you will be amazed by the results! Oh, and don’t forget your red lipstick