We have been having all sorts of fun researching the Top 5 honeymoon Destinations for 2011 and even though our list was comprised of places for Maharani on a Budget, it is easy to see that the exotic locations on our list are nothing short of insanely fabulous.  So, our Number One spot belongs to...


This is one place any Maharani would be thrilled to visit.  From the cosmopolitan restaurants and shopping to the amazing hikes, waterfalls, and penguins, Argentina is a thrilling adventure.  The jewel of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Known as the Paris of South America, BA overflows with sites to see, streets to walk down, and restaurants to lounge at.  And, make sure you catch a futbol match when you are in Buenos Aires, after all, it would be a shame not to soak up a little culture! Let’s face it, Argentina is a terrific deal any way you slice it.  Hotels go for 100 bucks a night and a nice date night will cost you 30 bucks a head.  With prices that low it is no surprise that it was our number uno!

Simply gorgeous and utterly romantic.  Argentina might just be the purrrrfect honeymoon. Hope you enjoyed our Travel Tuesday tribute...see you all tomorrow!