It’s Thanksgiving week and with the office getting quieter and quieter as the turkey gets closer and closer, we have just the treat for you today!  Sent our way by Ellie M Photography, it’s a little bit of nontraditional mixed with traditional all at the same time.  And, truth be told I am madly in love with this stunning Marchesa dress! 

Indian wedding dress copy


From Ellie M Photography :

He worked in the London office. She worked in the NYC office.  Same company, different sectors.  They spoke a few times on the phone and then Damien stopped by Nilisha’s office to meet the person behind the voice…

Damien asked her to lunch that day, which turned into drinks, a tour of the city, and then dinner.  Soon after that the long distance romance started…flights, phone calls, and the rest of their lives!

If you are looking for ideas on how to blend two cultures into one ceremony you are going to love what we have in store....complete with lush, gorgeous jai malas coming right up!