It's common knowledge that flawless make up starts with flawless skin.  Saman, of Studio Sila, stopped by to share her tips on skintelligence. How to keep your skin in tip top shape this holiday season, and how to get that extra special Thanksgiving look. Thanks Saman!


Its that time of year again, change is here- In the now much cooler air, foliagethat has boasted its fiery oranges and there is a welcome buzz all around, filled with holiday cheer, aromas of lavish banquets to be prepared, gift wraps and more...

Oh yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as we head towards itscelebration there is a definite flavor of transformation, in clothing, in hair and oh yes in makeup too.

But before we create a feast for the eyes, it is time to look into a tweaking of skintelligent regimes to cope with the rapidly cooling weather. This is a goodtime to begin exfoliating your skin gently once a week to help take away deadskin cells that are accelerated by the forced air heating that is so dehydrating and then the gusts of dry chilly air outside. There is a magical ingredient in your pantry that will help you make a gentle exfoliant and that is baking powder.Take a teaspoon of baking powder and make a paste with a few drops of water, gently massage it into the skin and wash away - you will feel the remarkable change of smoother skin almost immediately! As always, do a skin patch test on your arm before using any new organic or chemical product on your face toensure there is no reaction.

Following exfoliation is a richer moisturizer to combat dry skin. Even if your skintype is oily, you still need to moisturize it, as once again the heating and chilly airwill suck its moisture dry and you will end up with pre-mature wrinkles. So basedon your skin type, choose a moisturizer that is better suited for winter.

Now, hair- aaah yes, when out come the woolies, hair goes all over the placewith static!!! You spray it and tease it and it feels like straw. Your scalp getsflakes and you just feel like wearing a cute hat to hide the hair. Not a bad ideabut a bit of change in your hair care can help deal with that. Opt for a dandruff shampoo twice a week to help with the flakes and follow that with a moisturizing conditioner on the hair- please avoid the roots (too much moisture at the roots can cause build up and thus flat hair). In damp hair dab on a few drops ofMoroccan oil (worth every penny) which not only adds moisture to the hairpreventing fly-aways, but also smoothes it, makes it shine and protects it fromthe blast of your hair dryer and heat of the curling iron!With the basics all done- let’s proceed to the festive play of colors taking inspiration from the celebration of Thanksgiving.


Maharani weddings_saman_signature copy 

Indian Bridal Make Up Expert Saman 

The eyes on this beautiful face were prepped with eye-primer. Matte marigoldorange and sunflower yellow eye-shadow was applied with a well blendedoverlap from lash line to beyond the brow bone. The crease was accented with ashimmer copper eye-shadow & shimmer vanilla shadow blended over the copper,orange and yellow from brow bone to eyebrows defining the much desiredhighlight area. The upper lash line was drawn in jet black gel eyeliner, wingedup and out and the lashes got a boost with a natural set of custom made falsies.The lower lashes got lined with moist copper eye shadow and the inner eyeduct got a dab of shimmering light gold to open up the eyes. A wash of black mascaraon the lower lashes and the eyes were complete.

The face was moisturized and excess moisture dabbed away with a recyclednapkin (you know those brown ones that you get at coffee shops, they arejust as good as oil blotting sheets!) Primer was applied and then an emollientbased foundation was blended all over. Loose blot powder was used to set the foundation. (Use concealer if needed to help with shiners under the eye that maybe caused by late fall allergies!)

The cheeks got the layered treatment- first a cream based copper cheek creamwas dotted on the apples and blended with a face brush. Then a rich caramelsheer powder blush was used to intensify the color. Copper bronzer (shimmernot matte) was swirled on the highest point of the cheekbones to add a glow(you know when you sit at the thanksgiving table decked with candlelight!)The lips were lined with a spicy latte colored pencil, filled with a nutmeg orangepencil then layered with a glossy light tan lipstick.

The hair was prepped with Morrocan oil, teased at the crown and the frontlayers curled softly with a large barrel curling iron.There you go, this thanksgiving, let them feast their eyes on your lush festive makeup!

Stay beautiful!


Studio Sila