If you missed Maharani yesterday, we featured an adorable Taiwanese/Indian Fusion Wedding by Number 29 Events.  Well, the owner of Number 29 Events, Shetal Vyas, sat down with us to talk about tips on planning that ultimate wedding reception.  You might be surprised to find out that one of the key elements to creating that party that never stops is the food!


So you spend months and months on deciding your color pallet, centerpieces, lighting and sweetheart table/stage to make sure that your reception sets to perfect mood for an informal or formal celebration. Don’t stop there!  Often times couples think that setting the stage is enough to create an amazing event experience.  Consider that food, and how it’s served should also play a large part in what experience your guests have with your event.
Style #1 Buffet Style Food Service :

Perhaps the most common type of food service for South Asian weddings…how else do you feed 500+ guests!  This is also very popular within our culture as it allows your guest to help himself or herself to as much food as they feel appropriate. A traditional buffet is one table (if you have a large group there may be a duplicate tables) that can be two sided from which guests line up to serve themselves to the variety of food you have selected.  Some key considerations are the number of guest per buffet (on average have no more than 100 guests per buffet) and how to dismiss guests to the buffet (ie, call table numbers or have all guests go at the same time).  Setting the guest table for a buffet can be very simple and can be focused on just a centerpiece.  

For this wedding my client chose to have all food, dessert and coffee/tea served as a buffet.  Guests were served drinks and water by wait staff.

Buffet Style Table setting
Buffet Style 2

Keep in mind that guests will need adequate time to get their food an eat, so don’t schedule entertainment in the one hour window.  


Maharani Pros : Buffet styles are cost effective and create a casual, mingling atmosphere. 

Maharani Cons : Buffet styles can be impersonal and a lot of work for your guests.  Long lines tend to get disorganized, and lead to cranky guests.

Maharani Tips : Make sure each guest’s dining table looks festive and welcoming  by having adorable favors and putting an assortment of salads, rotis, and naans on each table.

More tips stylish ideas by Number 29 Events on the way!