Planning an Indian wedding makes you feel like there are a ba-gillion things to think about.  So, lucky for all our Maharanis, Shetal Vyas, of Number 29 Events, has stopped by to give us a full breakdown of the best ways to serve your wedding dinner!  


Style #3 Plated/American Style/Full Service

This is the most formal of the four options and I know what you are thinking: “Really?  With Indian food?  No way!”  It’s possible, we’ve done it many times and it works beautifully.  Full service dining is what it is; each course is served personally to your guests on individual plates. This eliminates traffic (guests up and down) and is great for timing when laying out your evening.  While the guests are seating and enjoying their first course, speeches and performances can happen, this allows for more time later for open dance floor time!

The biggest question we get when we recommend this style is: What can we serve?  Think through the menu as a 3 course or a five course meal with a palette cleanser (ie. Buttermilk Mint Sorbet) between the first and the second meal.  For the main meal consider drier dishes so gravies don’t run into each other (ie. Achari Paneer or Chicken Stuffed with Lamb and Stuffed Baingain for a vegetarian option).  The breads, rice/biryani, dal and pickles can be served as sides served at the table.  Orchestrating this takes a very skilled caterer and impeccable advance planning but trust me, your guest will be talking about how classy the evening was and how much they enjoyed having such a high level of service!
As for setting the table, you can have a very grad look with all silverware set (and even some very fancy chargers!).  

Plated Dinner Table Setting
Plated Dinner 2

This couple chose to go with very modern centerpieces that had great presence and grace.  Since their service option didn’t require a lot of space, they were able to scale the centerpieces to their table scape.


Maharani Pro : The most elegant and formal approach to dining, full service makes your guests feel like a million bucks.

Maharani Con : If your venue is not known for impeccable service, the results can be disastrous.   Make sure you speak to the catering manager about their success and experience before making your final decision.  

Maharani Tip : Some venues charge extra for full service dining, so make sure you ask up front so you don’t get surprised by the bill!

Last one on the way....back in a few!