Before we turn off the lights at Maharani HQ, and get ready for our favorite office pal's birthday bash, Number 29 Events brings us the last idea for serving dinner at your Indian wedding....


Style #4 Russian Style Service

Russian service is similar to French service in many ways, as it is also formal and elegant and the guests at each table receive a great deal of one-on-one time with the server.  Think of Russian style service as a mix between family style and a plated dinner.  All the food is prepared and arranged on formal or silver serving platters in the kitchen, which makes a beautiful display to add to your existing table décor.The server brings the platters and heated dinner plates to the dining room on a tray, which is placed on a side stand. The plates are placed in front of the guests, the server presents the platter of food and, using a large spoon and fork, serves the desired portion to each guest. The server moves around the table counter-clockwise. All un-served food is left on the table for guests to help themselves to seconds.  This type of service allows the server to spend more time at the table with the guests, as the service of the food is more formal and, therefore, more leisurely.  

This type of service is for the foodie who wants their guest to experience each type of food and savor the flavors!  Wine and champagne can be poured table side (and even cocktails if your venue and budget permits).  The ratio of waiter to guest is much smaller in this type of service options, so it will cost additional money to do this.  To avoid any last minute confusion and costs, make sure you clarify with your venue as well as your caterer prior to signing any contracts that this is the type of service you would like.  

Setting the table for this type of service is similar to the family style set up as you will need some room for the bowls and platters after the initial round is served. Also, have fun with the sides you choose and use a little imagination to add to your current color pallet with fruits and vegetables (and even service bowls) that compliment the pallet so you make up for all that valuable décor space that is take up by these food items.  This couple chose to keep their centerpiece very simple and add color with food and linens.  The space they saved allowed for ample space for all the amazing variety of food they had selected for their fabulous reception!

Russian Style

No matter how well you set the table, the type of service will ultimately decide the food experience your guests have at your event(s). One last tip, make sure in your space planning you allow for extra room between table for any sit down (weather it’s family style or Russian) dinner service so the wait staff can get delicious food to your guest while it’s still hot!


Maharani Pro : This is a fun, formal type of setting that allows guests to be at easy, without having to handle steaming bowls of curry and rice.

Maharani Con : Staff and execution is the key to this type of service, so once again, make sure that your venue's team is up to snuff!

Maharani Tip : This is a great way for your guests to have a unique experience at your wedding, but since it requires extra hands on deck, your venue may charge you.  Check with the venue (and your budget) before you commit!

Big thanks to Shetal Vyas, and all the ladies at Number 29 Events!