From the great state of Texas ( and my current World Series rivals…Go Giants!) comes Chris Watson Studios.  We were thrilled to welcome Chris Watson Studios to the Dallas Platinum Guide because they produce out of the box wedding stories that have a stylish edge.  Their dedication to cinema is clear, and make sure you don’t miss their masterful use of “time shifting” in this video.  It is really what makes this wedding video a fashion statement.

This is such a whimsical wedding!  Not over styled or overdone.  And, I love how our Bangladesh/Muslim bride and Methodist groom had two distinct ceremonies but brought their own traditions to each one.  And, Mehvash’s white sari with veil is drop. dead. gorgeous. 

From Chris Watson :

What I like to do in my films is to tell the wedding story through thebride and groom's family and friends. I'll go through the speeches and ceremony(ies) to find soundbites I can use throughout the wedding filmto move the narrative forward and give those words context. 

To see exactly what Chris means, take a look at the opening of Mehvash and Robert’s Weddings Story on their blog right here.

Finale on the's a goodie from an old friend!  Be right back!