These days some things are done in 2D and then there are things that are 3D. The latest TV screens, and even your iPhone, the images all take on their own shape. 3D is the new way that brides and wedding stylists are thinking about wedding color palettes.  Gone are the days of pink roses with a splash of this and that, and a silver grosgrain ribbon.  Today’s modern desi bride wants a never been done before look that creates it’s own atmosphere.

So, it’s lesson time Maharanis. Here is the thing, the cheapest way to put tons of color into a room is to use lighting.  There is no way to get the coverage without it, and whether your decor budget is 5K or 500K, you must have some lighting.  Take a look at the next two images.  It’s the same room, same everything but the first doesn’t have lighting and the second one does.

Images by Events Capture
So, which room would you rather have a glass of champagne and take a whirl around the dance floor in?  I know, me too!Back in a flash!