Boy I am hungry! So, I just got the sweetest email from my mother-in-law thanking me for the a basket of fruit for Karwa Chauth.  Big thanks to my mom for taking care of it!  Traditionally, the bride’s mom brings a basket of goodies to the bride that is meant for the mother-in-law, so I wasn’t that far off my Karwa Chauth game today.

This reception has got to be one of the most colorful, yet elegant swoirees I have ever seen.  It is the highly skilled and creative eye of Ethnic Essence that is able to take such a vibrant palette and make it look classy and not clownish.  These ladies are always delivering gorgeous events that are full of charming little details. That is why we chose them as part of our Platinum Guide!

Indian wedding decor 1a copy
Indian wedding decor 1b copy

These ideas are definitely something you are going to want to steal for your wedding.  By setting up the appetizers on an X shaped table, and adding a tent, Ethnic Essence was able to create an eye catching center piece for the cocktail hour.  Another fabulous touch was this table card. Your table number isn't just a table number when it is blinged out to match your decor purrrfectly, like they did here.  It is a few of these small things together that really make everything look flawless!

More Indian wedding ideas, coming right up!