Happy Monday Maharanis!  We have our favorite guest blogger, Saman, owner of Studio Sila, here today to share some make up tips just in time for Diwali.  It's the time of year to clean out your house, and make sure that everything is in tip top order, and that also means your make up bag! 


Shine your way with the vibrance of lush colors, the glimmer of sparkling metallics and the glow of soft velvety skin this festival of lights with the right makeup!

While the runway trends may be screaming hot neon colors, and the couture scene still boasting smoked bedroom eyes and barely there lips… the season of fall is known for its berry kissed themes and spiced made up statements. SO I decided to take a bit of all as inspiration for this Diwali look and mixed berry’s with spice and added a tad bit of smokiness for this festive, elegant look.


Indian Bridal Make Up Expert Saman 

We begin with the eyes, and this set, undoubtedly could tell a thousand stories with one glance, dreamy and deep, soft and yet visited every now and then by a delightful twinkle! Priming the eyes is always a good idea especially if you are using metallic, shimmer or sparkle eye shadows as they have more of a tendency to shift and settle into natural eye creases over time. Since at an event, you really don’t want to keep running to the ladies room to smooth out creased up shadow, using a good eye-primer will do the trick. The inner 1/3 of the lid area is given a deep gold shadow, the mid section a warm plum and the outer third of the eye gets a deep magenta/berry. Make sure to blend the colors so that there are no vivid lines of demarcation- then proceed to fill the browbone with a medium gold, once again use a fluffy shadow brush to blend the lid colors and browbone highlight nicely. The upper lid first gets lined end to end with a deep purple creamy eyeliner, then a smudge brush swirled in a very dark purple (think almost black) is used to smudge the purple liner till its almost like a deep purple shadow along the lash line. Then the upper lid gets a fine line of jet black liner applied with an angled brush for maximum precision and this starts from the inner corner all the way to the outer end where it gets extended and winged. The inner corners of the water line get a touch of black water resistant liner for extra emphasis. The lower lash line gets special lines too, deep gold shadow now applied wet from the inner corner to mid eye, then overlapped from mid eye to the outer end in a shimmer deep plum (extend the line outwards to meet the upper eyeliner- think cat eye look). Bring out the blending brush (or if you don’t have one a clean pinky finger will do) and blend blend blend till it looks smoked in appearance- Custom made falsies on the top lashes followed by volumizing mascara on both the top and bottom lashes completes the look.

Clear away any fall out of the dark shadows from the face with a wipe, prime the skin and apply velvety emollient based foundation (sheer application is always best, you can build up if extra coverage is needed). Using a large fluffy brush and a swirling motion, apply sheer face powder or blot powder all over the foundation to set. Make a fishy face (I doubt that is a technical makeup artistry term but you get the point right?) and contour the cheekbones with a matte powder one shade darker than your skin tone. Now smile and apply lush berry pink blush to the apples of the cheek extending all the way to the temple. Make sure you blend in with the contour powder to make it look seamless. Now tilt your face down, eyes towards the mirror, see the highest point of the cheek area? Starting from about an inch away from your nose, gently apply a highlighter (cream or powder) along this area, following the natural curve and go upwards as you near the temples. Magazine Cover like glow!!!

The perfect cherub Lips get lined in a medium berry and then filled with a lip stain (think warm plum, cranberry, raspberry). The essence, a flush of color without the layering of lipstick. Now apply a deep gold lipstick (I know most of you would wonder who owns that color!) or a deep gold shadow/pigment with the tip of your clean index finger to the centre of the lip. Dab gently- please don’t rub your lips together, let the shimmer settle and finish off with a coat of gloss if you please. If you feel your lips have a lot of volume, go softer on the intensity of the stain (think muted pinks and mauves instead).

The hair was styled with volumizing mouse and a large barrel curling iron to create soft waves and gentle curls that got finished with a lovely hair jewel.

There you go, the gilded spicey, smokey, berry kissed Diwali Maharani look!

Stay Beautiful!


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