I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday.  We are going to be unveiling something huge, and I am bursting at the seams to share it with all of you!  But first, we have a beautiful, Sikh wedding from the great state of Ohio.  A traditional affair, with details and charm around every corner, I am sure that every Maharani will be able to find something she loves in this wedding.  Let’s start with the ring, shall we?!

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From our Bride :

Shami and I first met in Cleveland where we both grew up, when he was 17 and I was 15.  I can still remember the first time our eyes met, as he was walking out of an elevator with my older brother at a fashion show.  We were each others first true love.  After months of pursuing him, we finally began dating, only in time for him to leave for college at the University of Cincinnati.  I went on to finish high school and eventually left to go to Ohio State.  As time went on, as we grew older, we grew apart, and went our separate ways.  Neither of us knew it would take us ten years to not only find our way back to each other for good, but to live in the same city again. 

Ironically, what brought us together again was a mutual friend's wedding.  We dated for three years after that, long-distance.  He was in Charlotte, I was in Columbus.  He was in New Hampshire, I was in Columbus.  He was in Boston, I was in Michigan.  We knew something had to give.  Luckily, Shami's company in Boston allowed him to move to Michigan and work remotely while I finished up my last two years of law school.  We went from living hundreds of miles away to living together. After nine months of living together, I had to move back to Columbus for a summer externship.  Shami would come visit on the weekends, and one weekend in July, Shami surprised me in town with the proposal.  It had all the elements of the Hollywood glamour that I had developed a guilty pleasure for:  a custom-made People magazine where I was the Oscar nominee, a limo pick-up, the proposal in the Park of Roses, followed by dinner at our favorite steakhouse, Hyde Park, and a stay a contemporary boutique hotel, The Lofts, for a chocolate and champagne nightcap.   

More on the way!