I have been waiting anxiously for the end of summer for a few things…pumpkin spice lattes, knee high boots, and Kunal & Shradha’s wedding pictures.  When I first talked to Mili Gosh, photographer at Memories in Motion, about this destination Indian wedding, I was immediately captivated.  I knew that the images, in true Mili style, would be ridiculously glamorous, and the Thai/Indian fusion wedding would be intoxicatingly gorgeous and extremely sentimental.  But, what I did not know, is how adorably in love these two love birds really are.  

Indian wedding 1 copy
This love story is too cute…and, this is the abridged version!

From the bride :

To tell you our story, I have to take you way back …. no actually way waaaaaay back to 1992!!  Kunal and I met in elementary school. He was new to the school, and I was requested by the teacher to introduce him to everyone and sit with him in all classes. I remember being quite disappointed with this responsibility as I would have to leave my current friends and give Kunal some attention. Anyways I obliged the teacher and decided to hangout with Kunal (who would have thought that the one request made by a teacher would change my life in such a wonderful way).  Now the truth is that Kunal has not changed much in the last 18 years. We all know that he is extremely charming now…well, he was charming then too. He definitely charmed his way into my young heart, and we became best friends. Everything was going well with my best friend, until he decided to change schools and not inform me (sniff sniff). Also, he does not admit this – but he changed schools because the cafeteria in the other school was superior. Today too, I think a good meal would win hands down over me. I remember being very upset when I started school the next year and Kunal was not around.

We lost touch over time, and only got back in contact when Kunal found me on ICQ (remember ICQ!!). We chatted on and off, and eventually migrated to MSN Messenger. Fast forward to 2001, I was in University of Virginia and I was looking to transfer. Kunal’s love for Indiana University was apparent in the chats and conversations we had and he convinced me to move there. I did .. and he made sure the transition was very smooth. He introduced me to all his friends (some of whom are my best friends now), and he even attended my first 8am class with me (this is a very big deal because he never attended his own 8am classes!!) For me there was a particular defining moment when I knew Kunal was extremely special. All my possessions had not yet arrived from Virginia., so I did not have a proper quilt/comforter to use at night - I only had a very thin fleece blanket. My apartment used to be very cold, and because I was not warm enough, I was unable to sleep and caught a cold. Kunal was concerned about how I was getting ill and I explained my predicament. That night when I went to sleep I was again dreading the cold and fearing that I was going to get more ill, but when I awoke in the morning, I was very cozy and comfortable. There was a soft, warm, huge comforter on me. Kunal having heard my story went to his own apartment, got his only comforter and gave it to my roommate to put on me.  At that point, I recognized one of Kunal’s amazing qualities – he is the nicest, most selfless person I know. He always puts his loved ones before himself, and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have him in my life. ? Well after what we famously call ‘the blanket incident’ we started dating, and it has been the most amazing journey ever since. 

Loads of glitz and glam today…stay put!