Peonies or Roses? Colorful or Monochromatic? Round or Cascading?
As with any wedding decision there are about a thousand different options for your bridal bouquet, so I stopped by Mandy Scott’s office, in San Francisco, to talk to her about the latest trends .  Bridal bouquets are unique as the Maharani carrying it, so Mandy has a couple tips and a couple hints to help steer you in the right direction :
Tip 1 : Monochromatic flowers for South Asian bridal bouquets.
Indian brides should choose simple, one color combinations, especially creams and whites.  Your bridal lengha will be colorful and full of details, so having a one color statement actually adds the perfect little somethin’ somethin’  to your wedding ensemble, especially in photographs.
Tip 2 : Never go wrong with the classic – Round.
There are a few different shape bouquets you could choose as well.  Round bouquets are always a lovely, classic choice. They add a pop of femininity without going overboard. Overarm and cascading bouquets add a little drama to your outfit, but ask for monochromatic flowers if you go for either of these styles.  These bouquets in multiple colors will be distracting against your lengha, bangles, and kalira.
Hint  1 : Let you blooms reflect your personal style
There is no right or wrong answer to this question!  It is all about you!  Carrying a single flower type or a multitude of textures is completely a personal choice.  Each style looks gorgeous with lenghas, so either way you can’t go wrong!
Hint 2 : It’s all about the architecture
The way your bouquet is assembled will dictate its style. Tight, clean, and simple have a modern feel to them. Vintage bouquets have an Old Hollywood/Deco aura  that is very in at the moment.  Loose and garden-y bouquets have more of a relaxed, charming attitude that have zero attitude.
Here are some of Mandy’s favorite bouquets that she has done over the past year for you to inspire you and get your gears moving…
Feminine & Girly..
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Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, indian wedding dress bouquet 21 copy
Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, indian wedding dress, bouquet 4 copy
Modern & Stylish...
Chic & Unique...
I absolutely loved my bridal bouquet because there was just something “so bridal” about it. I know that your bouquet will become one of your cherished wedding memories too!
Thank a million Mandy!