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From the bride:

The theme of the wedding was FUN!  We went back and forth about having the wedding here, in the US or in India, where we have a lot of family.  Finally, when we decided to have it here, my goal was to make sure all the guests, especially the ones that were coming all the way from India, had a great time!  I wanted them involved in the festivities, and really wanted to show them how we do Indian weddings here!  The wedding was multi-day affair with the haldi and mehndi ceremonies at our home on Thursday, where all the ladies of the family (30+) got their mehndi done and sang traditional mehndi songs.  

We really wanted everything to be VERY convenient for the guests so the Sangeet, Wedding, and Reception were in the same hotel and all the guests (including me and my husband) stayed at the same hotel as well.  It made life so much simpler to have everything in one place and made wardrobe changes MUCH easier as well!  

Friday night was the Sangeet night and my favorite decor night of them all!  We made the hall into a Punjabi village!  Our decorator was phenomenal and completely understood what I wanted to do.  She shipped a massive handpainted canvas of a punjabi village from India as our backdrop and 4 life-sized statues of traditional punjabi men and women!  They were a HUGE hit!  Also, for our centerpieces she brought in miniature statues of Punjabi dancers, dhol players, and Gidda dancers for each table!  We were afraid people were going to take them because they were so adorable!  Our wedding colors were Orange, Magenta and Teal and we made one color the highlight of each event with the other colors as accents.  So the main Sangeet color was Orange and our decorator got matching canopies for the food stations, as well as matching tables and pillows for people to sit on around the dance floor.  We had mehndi ladies there was well to make sure all the guests got a chance to get mehndi done as well!  We had many performances -- all the women came out and did a Jago ceremony, my brother and friends did a bhangra, my friends did a skit playing Vivek and I but the highlight of the night were the Uncles and Aunties.  We had 20 uncles and aunties who dressed up in traditional clothes and did a qawwali on stage to Yeh Ishq Ishq.  It was amazingly done but more importantly, they had a BLAST doing it!  They were practicing for days and some of them had never performed and some were very shy but they all came together and had a great time! 

To keep with their wedding theme, FUN!, we have a super day planned on Maharani.  Back in a bit!