We are having all sorts of Brazilian fun today on Maharani!  Yup, you heard me right, our very first Brazilian/Indian fusion wedding.  Our bride, Carla, or creative Carla as I have nicknamed her, came up with a wedding celebration that beautifully blended the two cultures, and still maintained the couple’s personal style.  Does this just look like a blast?

Indian wedding program
Indian wedding jai mala
Indian wedding jai mala 2
Indian wedding hands

More from our fabulous Brazilian/Indian bride :

My mother in law is artisan and she made most of the gods sculptures, pads, boxes and many other things. We bought many things from India, especially the invitation cards, and our clothes. The Western ceremony was performed by Judge, Ms. Carla Nassif. The Indian ceremony was adapted as it would be impossible to carry out several days of marriage as is done in India and it was performed by Pandits Leandro Castello Branco and Patrick van Lammeren. During wedding preparations I visited Maharani Weddings every day to got ideas, inspiration and information. During our change of clothes, from Western to Indian, had a performance of Bollywood dance with a group of six dancers from dance school Ashmahan. And after Indian ceremony my husband and I danced the song Salaam-e-Ishq and was a success!

We really loved our big day!

More in a bit….back in a flash!