I always have a hard time finding the perfect gift for my best friends....so, when it came time for me to find the perfect bridesmaid gift, I was very happy to stumble across Satya Jewelry.  Satya has lovely Indian pieces of jewelry that are modern, wearable, and sure to be a cherished by your bridesmaids for years to come.

I love my mother's jewelry because it always holds a special place in my heart, however, it isn't always in style.  These sleek Om pendants will look fantastic with a pair of jeans or a sari.

Satya 3 copy

Satya 2 copy

The lotus symbolizes renewal, transformation and new beginnings, making it the perfect wedding gift!

All Hindu ceremonies start with the Ganesh puja.  Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and bestower of success.  These are meaningful necklaces to share with your closest friends.

Satya 1 copy redo    

The Satya Jewelry also donates a piece of every sale to the Satya Foundation.  The Satya Foundation is a non-profit committed to providing educational yoga, meditation, and healthy living scholarships to children.  So, with each purchase you are making the world a more peaceful place.