We are featuring a totally charming wedding today from Virginia.  What makes this Indian wedding one of my favorites is that it was all done with creativity and style.  It is jam packed with great Indian wedding ideas like  : gift baskets with monogrammed glasses and table cards all depicting different “stories” in their love life. Seriously, it is swoooon central!

Indian wedding 1
Indian wedding 3

These two shots are my favorite of the wedding.  I love the true joy, excitement, and happiness that was captured:

From Sunny at Photographick

As the processional was about to begin, Vikas was facing the isle that Tara was to walk down but unbeknown to his knowledge there was to be a draped cloth between him and his beautiful bride, although he could hear the gasps of excitement and watch his families faces smile in excitement as Tara walked down the isle; he was unable to see her. As the cloth lowered and their eyes met for the first time, smiles and excitement was all you could see on the faces of these two. For the rest of the ceremony they would hold hands, steal glances at each other and never stop smiling.

I know - totally, utterly, shamelessly, ADORABLE!