I absolutely love themes for parties, not costume parties, but theme parties. And, according to Martha, they just happen to be totally in style these days.  There are so many fun Indian ones to choose from….Rajasthani, Mughal, lotus flowers…anything can be turned into a charming theme.  The one thing aside from movies (and weddings!) the one thing that Indian people love is food, so this Bombay Street Food theme was an awesome choice for this garba….
Indian wedding garba theme 2 copy
Garba 1
Indian wedding garba theme 1 copy
Indian wedding coconut water
Indian wedding garba theme 3 copy
Indian wedding garba theme 4
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More from Shetal Vyas, owner Number 29 Events:
Guests were transported to a surprise location for the garba party via chartered busses through dirt roads! Once they arrived they walked a path that lead them to a covered pavilion area set with tiki huts to serve Bombay style street food and shaved ice cones throughout the night. They enjoyed Indian cultural festivities of Garba/Raas. The evening ended with some very special performances by the bride and grooms friends and families. The inspiration was the rainforest with it’s vibrant colors and sounds!  To add to the natural surroundings, it actually rained all night, so we felt like we were in a Bollywood movie.  We could not have prayed for a better natural setting!
More yummy-ness on the way!