There are oodles of cute indian wedding ideas in today's featured wedding. So, I know I blew the surprise in the last post by mentioning the gorgeous wedding cake and sweetheart table from this wedding, but I really couldn’t resist. A wedding isn’t really a WEDDING without a wedding cake. The cake is an iconic element of the room that sets apart your wedding reception from any graduation, anniversary or retirement party. I am cake obsessed.  I mean, I always dreamed of having a cake fight on my wedding day, which to the better judgement of my husband did not happen, so there is something that I just love about a big, fat, white wedding cake.  I have a sugar high just looking at this one!

Indian wedding, indian wedding cake white

And, I absolutely loooooove this crystal castle sweetheart table. Utterly, totally romantic. A definite do!

Finale post coming up in a few…..back in a flash!