Okay brides, today’s editorial has been just for you.  Absolutely anything can be your wedding Indian wedding inspiration, even something as American as the red, white, & blue! So, before we bid goodbye this week, we have some endless blue Indian wedding inspiration…you can go beachy-casual or create a royal ambiance. Either way, blue is beautiful! 

Image Sources

Just in case you need a break from the sun, here are some of our favorite reads from the week…..Everyone on the web has a little Bollywood in ‘em!

These gold wedding dresses are the perfect Indian fusion reception outfit for the modern Indian bride.

We loved this Sikh Wedding from Anguilla photographed by Mimmo and Naz.

We loved this history lesson, by Bella Sugar, on every Maharani’s favorite beauty accessory : lipstick!

Every Maharani loves this ad campaign by Ritu Kumar.

Finally, we are particularly, loving this bracelet by Priya Kakkar, and a bunch of her designs are on Gilt today!

Happy 4th Everyone!