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From our bride : It was so important to us to blend Indian and Western traditions in our wedding.  I started with the dress - I've always dreamed of wearing a white dress, but chose one that had beading and embroidery in a scroll pattern that would go nicely with my Indian jewelry.  My jewelry included long drop earrings, Indian anklets, and Indian bangles.  The groom and groomsmen wore vests with a paisley pattern on them that really popped.  As for the bridesmaids, we all wore saris at the rehearsal dinner, but for the wedding I settled on a  gorgeous turquoise one-shoulder dress that mimicked the look of a sari.   

The ceremony was Western in format, but we incorporated a few Indian traditions - specifically The Seven Steps and Exchanging of Garlands.  We had our mothers carry our garlands down the aisle and hand them to us when we needed them.  Our fathers carried our rings and handed them to the minister when he asked for them.  We loved being able to involve our parents in the ceremony.  Our parents were also in charge of greeting guests as they arrived at the venue.  My mom handed flowers out to all of the ladies to wear in their hair while my dad sprinkled rose water on everyone and handed out rock sugar candy, in accordance with South Indian tradition.

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