Modern Indian wedding videos call for a few updates in every Maharani's world, including but not limited to beautiful artistry, thoughtful editing, and of course….those heart wrenching, magical shots.  Finding the perfect vendor to capture your Indian wedding is a challenge, considering all the next day edits, same day edits, art house edits to choose from.  It is enough to make you dizzy! I have a wedding tip for you today that you are going to love.  Look for a vendor that can tell an ENTIRE wedding story in 4 minutes or less.  For the skillful, amazing wedding cinematographs out there, I am confident they will have no problem stepping up to this challenge.  One of my personal faves in this cateogry, (and Platinum Guide member) is Film Style Weddings.  This next day edit tells the wedding story with energy in a classic, yet updated way.

Um, can you see why I am obsessed with their work?   Capturing the footage is only one part of the talent, the tedious hours spent editing is really what brings those shots to life.  I see a ton of wedding videos every week, and what makes a Film Style Weddings video extra special is how they infuse their great shots into the music….just like Bollywood.  So, even though the song has a slow beat, they are able to edit rapidly through shots, resulting in complete video that you can watch easily watch a dozen or so times.    Join me in a round of applause…great job to the team at Film Style Weddings!

Maharani report : today is the absolute last day to enter for the chance to win a designer, Shyamal & Bhumika lengha.  This gorgeous creation will be in the hot little hands of one of our Maharanis, but you must enter no later than today.  

Our list closes at midnight PST tonight, so be late to your lunch time mani pedi and take a minute to sign up for your chance to win.  Good luck to ALL our readers!