So, what do you get with you take Mrs. Mili Gosh, fly her half way across the world, for her best friend’s wedding?  The answer is simple : Easily one of the most beautiful Indian wedding videos we have ever laid our eyes on.  Seriously, close your office door, turn your cell on silent, and take a look at this masterpiece from Tanzania.

Since their wedding didn’t contain much Tanzania, Mili just whipped up this short film she named, “A Journey Into the Wild.” This is what the hottest cinematography outfit shoots on their vacation in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. 

Sure leaves my dig cam in the dust! Memories in Motion does with a camera, what Kobe does with a basketball. It has National Geographic written all over it! Whether it is lions or Indian brides Mili knows how to tame, shoot, and make them look stunning.  Great job to the whole team at Memories in Motion, and thank you for the submission.