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I am completely, utterly obsessed with this mandap from Occasions by Shangrila.  I am not the only one who thinks it is lovely, because when owner of Occasions by Shangrila's daughter, Rena, got married, this is the mandap style she used!  This candle light mandap is modern, romantic, and is a creative idea for your Indian wedding ceremony.  It is extremely elegant yet economical.  And, if you are looking for a traditional twist on this mandap, picture colored laterns instead of the votives. Whether you are using this as an indoor or outdoor mandap, I think this is definite “I do!” {And, make sure you don't miss their awesome rich, red jai malas - love them}

We will be back tomorrow with the gorgeous reception from this destination Indian wedding, and in the mean time, we have the winner of our Pajama Sutra bridesmaid gift idea contest.  We got hundreds of incredible bridesmaid’s gift ideas submitted to us and it was tough to narrow them down. Here were some of our favorites: 

Dimple’s digital photo frame loaded with pictures from the wedding was sentimental and sweet. 

Sarah’s bridesmaid’s spa vacation getaway was as fabulous of an idea as fun.

Roshni’s bridesmaid’s goodie bag with awesome stuff like make up, necklace, and a sari had something for everyone.

But the idea that really took the (wedding) cake was from a Maharani named Anupama Ramlackhan.  Here is her classy, creative bridesmaid gift idea:

Right after choosing my nine (yes, nine!) bridesmaids, I knew I wanted to give them something they would remember they got at my wedding.  The tricky part was that some of my bridesmaids are not Indian and I wanted to give something everyone would like.  So then I decided to give them all a strand of pearls.  

My mother and I bought the pearls in India and had them strung there.  Then we bought velvet cases from a jeweler and had the inside embroidered with an inscription as being from the both of us!

Congratulations Anupama! I want to say thank you to all of our contestants, and send Sarena Udani, of Pajama Sutra, a big e-hug!