Indian brides are always looking for unique Indian wedding ideas.  I have a modern Indian wedding idea for you today that will definitely knock your Jimmy Choos off! Kevin Shahinian, of Pacific Pictures, has finished his masterpiece CITY OF LAKES and Maharani is lucky enough to feature it today!  The artistry and creativity that goes into a full scale production like this wedding movie is filled with sleepless nights, endless shooting,  & countless hours of editing, that is only possible when you have true passion for your craft.  I really don’t know how Kevin and his team are able to do it, but every time I see one of his videos I think to myself, this is the ultimate wedding video. But then sure enough, I see Kevin’s name in my inbox, and he blows me away. Again. And, again.  So, sit back, grab a glass of wine (it’s Friday people!) and enjoy this very unique, wedding cinema from Pacific Pictures

From Kevin at Pacific Pictures : Melissa & Samir, Chicago natives, initially contacted me to document their 3-day destination wedding in Udaipur, India; they were also interested in producing a short Bollywood concept film to play for guests at their reception. Quickly realizing no concept could rival the couples' actual fairy tale wedding, I pitched the idea to combine a scripted concept movie with their live wedding footage to create one, seamless movie. The hope was to create a 'hybrid' feature that would include far more meaning than a traditional documentary. The result of this unprecedented collaborative effort, which included event filmmakers Patrick Moreau, Joe Simon & Casey Warren, is "CITY OF LAKES," and I think you'll agree, the results are rather stunning.

{A Tip from Shawna : Watching videos on the web can be an annoying experience because of their large file size.  Here is a trick that I use: Click play on the video below, then immediately press pause. Get yourself comfy while you wait for the video to load most of the way and then press play! The video will play without stopping to load!}

For once in my life I am speechless.

Congratulations to Kevin and the team at Pacific Pictures on this amazing production.  It is definitely going down in the Maharani Hall of Fame!

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