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There is just something enchanting about this Indian wedding fairytale. The lighting. The linens. The flowers. All three bring this reception together magically. So, here is a little secret that is essential for all Indian brides to be.  Because of the large guest count/table count, tall floral centerpieces add up frighteningly fast.  By intermixing 2 or 3 lower, more cost effective centerpieces, along side the taller, more expensive centerpieces, you still get the big bang look without the big spiraling out of control. Work with your designers and look at funky, cool, low centerpieces that are more architectural and less floral. Think about using candles or even floating a few flowers in colored water. This will save you a ton in the end!

Roses, roses, everywhere!  If you thought that yesterday’s ceremony had tons of red and romance, wait until you see today’s reception.  The outrageously talented Nikki Khan, of Exquisite Events, took a very standard ballroom and gave it her signature old world charm, instead of letting it look, well, just old.

From Nikki : The hotel ballroom is very dated and has chandeliers that look very 80’s.  We wanted the guests eyes to be drawn away from them and therefore we focused heavily on lighting.  The Room was washed in gold with gold linens and to give a pop of color, flowers were done in shades of reds. There were three floral scapes and the room came together beautifully with a custom gold dance floor, a beautiful stage, and custom bars. 

Okay, and take a deep breath and feast your eyes on the cake.  It is like wedding cake heaven! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 layers! Count ‘em!

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Congratulations to Poonam & Dev, and thank you to Exquisite Events and Harvard Photography for this submission!


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