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Wedding videos are quickly becoming  a thing of the past.  The most stylish way to capture your big day is through wedding cinema.  These days, wedding cinematographers are using the same equipment, editing techniques, and camera tricks as all of the big Hollywood studios. What the top studios are producing look more and more like something you would see at the box office and less like something off your camcorder. 

I was thrilled when Julie Hill, from one of our all time favorite studios, Elysium Productions sent me their latest Arthouse edit.  The artistry and creativity of Elysium really comes through when you see this style edit.  It isn’t the normal sequence of events.  It is an action packed movie that makes you feel like you are right there!


Images by Dina Douglass, Andrena Photography

From Julie Hill of Elysium Productions : An Arthouse Feature Film is basically a cinematic short film.  It takes the place of a long documentary wedding video and instead allows the viewer to feel and experience the event vs. just watch it happen as an outsider.  It is meant to entertain and our couples tell us that everyone they show it to gets sucked in and emotional - just like a real Hollywood (or Bollywood) film.  It takes a lot of time and planning to produce this type of film since each one is completely unique.  It's also one of the aspects that make Elysium very desirable and why so many couples from all over the world hire us for their events.  This style is especially unique for South Asian weddings because all of the many events are packed into this short film which makes it MUCH easier for friends and family to experience it again.  Traditionally, most South Asian wedding videos are very, very long and the viewers tend to skip around to the parts they want to see.  An Arthouse Feature is definitely a departure from the norm, but is also highly desirable because it keeps the audience engaged.  We realize that although everything is about the Bride and Groom, it's also about the family, all the guests, and all of the details.  We require at least three cameras to film an Indian wedding for this reason.  We will have a tremendous amount of footage of everything else along with great shots of the bride and groom, which will allow us to tell the WHOLE story.  Our couples rave about this since the whole day (or week) is a complete blur and they want to see all of their guests having a great time as well as all of the details and decor that they spent so much time planning. 


One of the blogs I stalk weekly is the Elysium blog. Since they shoot at the best locations in Southern California they have tons of great wedding movies, same day edits, music and decor ideas...absolutely everything on their blog. 

And, if you can't get enough of Mona & Sanjay's wedding, head over there now for a special 3 part video Elysium has released today!

I saw a sneak peak, and it is killer, just like I have come to expect from them!
A bit more from Julie : Our favorite part about South Asian weddings is.... EVERYTHING!  If we could film South Asian weddings every weekend, we would.  Everything gives us inspiration from the colors to the music.  We love everything about the culture and the people, and of course the food.  Someday we hope to film a wedding in India so we can experience the culture more outside of just the wedding day.  My personal favorite part of a South Asian wedding is the Barat - especially when there are Bangra drummers.  I told my husband that if we ever do a vow renewal, we are doing a Barat except we're both going to be in the procession because otherwise I wouldn't be able to experience it!  I seriously get such a rush of adrenaline with the music, dancing, and amount of energy.  It's truly exciting and fun to be a part of a South Asian wedding!

Thanks to all the vendors that made this wedding go off without a hitch:

Coordinator/Planner: Nikki Khan, Exquisite Events  / Florist:  Square Root / Venue:  Ritz Carlton, Laguna Beach / Caterer:  Nirvana / DJ: Ajay, Special Occasions / Photographer : Andrena Photography / Cinematography : Elysium Productions

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