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Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, DIY 2 centerpiece copy

Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, DIY centerpiece copy

Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, DIY 3 centerpiece copy 

Just because your wedding day has come and gone, doesn’t mean that you still can’t bring a little Maharani into your life.  Whether it is a holiday, birthday, or just because, some simple flowers inspired by your favorite featured wedding are always a stylish addition to your life.

I know that DIY is a really popular topic for some brides, and it is not a topic that we purposely don’t dedicate much time to on Maharani Weddings.  Fundamentally we feel most DIY projects are too stressful and tough for Indian brides because of large guests counts, multiple day long weddings, and the fact that a large majority of South Asian brides are working on post graduate degrees. Smarties! However, just for fun, I did a little experiment this weekend, inspired by that gorgeous orange ceremony by Ethnic Essence.
My husband and I hosted a small dinner party, so I wanted to see what it would take to make a chic, floral design for our dinner table.  So, here is a breakdown of what I did:

Thursday : I spent 2 hours hunting around the San Francisco flower market for orange blooms and the right vases.  My vision was two rectangular low vases with bunches of flowers all around.  I was looking for hydrangeas, roses, gerbers, and callas. I came to find out that orange callas are something that you have to order, and orange hydrangea don’t exist. So, I settled on lilies that, John, promised me would open by Saturday.  I came home from the flower mart, and tried to arrange the flowers in the vases.  However, they kept falling over, so I decided I need floral foam, and so I put the flowers in water and called in a night.

Friday : I went to 3 florists looking for floral foam in just the right size.  After realizing that I also had to get a leaf to wrap around the floral foam as well, I was about ready to tear my hair out.  Then my brilliant friend, Kalah, suggested that I just use rocks.  So, I then went to the hardware store, and of course they didn’t have any decent rocks at the place, so I then remembered a candle I had at home that was flanked with lava rocks.  Score! 

Finally, the flowers were coming together.  I put approximately 8 rocks down and then put some green leaves on top of them (I had no idea what I was doing) but I thought the greens were kinda like teasing your hair. More hair makes it easier to shove flowers in your hair. I also realized that the petals on the gerbers were much more fragile than I thoughts, so I kept loosing petals!  Well, it finally came together and here are the results:

So, for two arrangements, I spent 7 hours, and a hundred bucks.  The flowers were a hit, and added that something extra special to our little soiree. Would I recommend doing this instead of hiring a professional florist for your wedding day?  Absolutely not. But this could be used for a DIY Mehndi or Sangeet only if you are having a casual type event at home. From cards to cupcakes....I would love to know, what’s your favorite DIY project?