We are pumped up today, because one of our favorite cinematography companies, Pacific Pictures, is going to be sharing their latest international weddings trailer exlusively with Maharani today! While Kevin puts the finishing touches on his master pieces, I thought that I would give you some background on what we are SO excited about here.

From Kevin at Pacific Pictures : In the fall of 2009, Pacific Pictures embarked on a journey to Udaipur, India, to document the three-day wedding of Melissa & Samir in a rather unprecedented way. Unlike a traditional documentary, their real, live wedding would be integrated into a fully scripted, produced concept movie, with the hope of telling the story of their wedding with a heightened emotional authenticity and dramatic scale. “City of Lakes,” as Udaipur is often called, commemorates Melissa & Samir’s journey to the transcendent place of their ancestry and the joining of two families in light of their past and the promise of their future. This would be our biggest production to date and we’re excited to share more behind the scenes images to come…

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With a grandiose set, in the magical city of Udapiur, and under the creative direction of Kevin Shahinian, I know this is going to be great.  It is coming up very shortly, so check back with us in an hour or two!