After an incredibly cold winter, spring is around the corner which means….it’s bridal shower season!  Ladies “only” parties have a delicate, flirty air to them that is filled with giggling & gossiping. 2Create Designs did this sunny décor for a Pakistani bride’s Mayoun, and this is one party that was ALL about the pretty. Filled with darling yellow details these ideas would be perfection at any mehndi, bridal shower, or even a wedding.  I  am particularly in love with the colorful parasols that add enough of a contrast to be eye catching, but at the same time play runner up to the big star – yellow!

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Indian wedding, indian wedding blog, yellow decor ideas 2 copy

What makes this yellow color story visually appealing is the use of many, many, many different shades & types of flowers.  2Create Designs did an awesome job playing with the sizes of centerpieces, and combining romantic, modern, and contemporary arrangements. 

Kind of, ridiculously fabulous, huh? 

So, remember that ah-mazing Bollywood-esque movie that we featured a few months ago from Pacific Pictures?  Well, they are back at it again…this time creating mind blowing videos in India. So, tomorrow we are going to be sharing this special, special treat with all of you and we are buzzing with excitement over here at Maharani HQ.  If you are dying to find out what we are unveiling tomorrow, take a look at these teaser images on the Pacific Pictures blog in an hour or so. 

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!