This wedding makes me feel like eating chips & guac and sipping on a margarita.  It is carefree and airy...the perfect celebration of the union of two people without being overly fussy.  Still, as with any enthusiastic bride, Amita put a lot of thought into all the aspects of her special day.

Amita on décor : The cruise line had a limited selection of flowers, so we decided to make a bouquet using silk flowers.  My favorite flower is a calla lily.  So that was the main flower theme for the wedding.  The grooms’ side had calla lily boutonnieres.  My main bouquet, along with Abhee’s bouquet, and the “bridesmaids” were all created by my best friend Dina (She definitely does it all!).  They had a mix of white and purple calla lilies along with peacock feathers! The main color theme for the ceremony was gold and turquoise blue.  The mandap, by Mandap World, matched perfectly with our setting. Vasu Govan (Mandap World) was gracious enough to accommodate us on board the ship and join in on our celebration!





A very, very hot topic in the wedding community these days is photography.  I am not sure if it is because of the global recession, or because more people are following their passion, but the wedding photography market has become flooded.  It is always a personal choice for the bride who she chooses to capture her big day.  However, after the party ends, the center pieces are removed, and you wash away your make up, the only thing that will be left of your big day are the photographs that were captured.  And, to be perfectly frank, your wedding day goes by in such a blur, that it is even difficult to have concrete memories, so you will rely heavily on your photographer.  Make sure that your photographer is credible, ethical, and experienced like the ones we feature on our blog or personally recommend on The Platinum Guide.

Amita on Photography : Ever since I saw my cousins wedding album, I knew I wanted mine to be just as amazing!  As my best friend and wingman in life, Dina, went straight to work helping me find the perfect photographer!  I got many websites of people but fell in love with Shandro Photography immediately!  Abhee thought I was crazy, and that I was being, being that they were out of Canada, but it was one of my only requests!  Abhee and I looked over their portfolio along with other albums they had and saw the amazing experience they had with Indian weddings.  It was definitely a plus for us!  We talked over the phone with Haley and Michael and they made it possible in no time!  We continued to talk with them over the year and they even went to check out Cozumel while down in Cancun!  They had the perfect plan and setting for us. 

How adorable are these day after photographs captured by Shandro Photo?  Makes me really need a tropical vacay! Congratulations Amita and Abhee!  I hope that you are enjoying cruising around as Mr. & Mrs. 

Amita is guest blogging for us today over on the R A N I S blog, so head over there and get the scoop on her bridal lengha, planning, and of course the wedding!

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