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Today we are starting off where we left off with Mouzam and Brent’s city chic, Chicago wedding.  If you missed Ray Roman’s video that we shared yesterday, you should definitely check it out. I mean, it is Ray Roman people!  As much as I loved the video, I am really excited to dive into all the glorious details from this wedding, so I am going to shut up now, and let our lovely bride take it away:

From Mouzam : We had less than five months to plan the wedding so even though all the details came together very quickly, I was determined to not overlook anything. We decided to incorporate the Indian culture primarily through clothes and food but used a modern minimalistic style for everything else, from the colors to the decor. Both of us skew toward the modern rather than the traditional and we really wanted to highlight that in every aspect of the wedding. So we looked for clean, simple lines and shapes in everything we chose. 

images by Pen Carlson Photography
More tidbits from the bride : I also wanted to wear a nontraditional color for the wedding and was lucky to find a peach/gray lehenga that I loved. And even more fortunately, we found a dark grey Sherwani that complimented perfectly with my outfit for Brent. We were unable to go to India to purchase our wedding outfits and I wanted my parents with me when I went shopping for my wedding outfit so I decided to go shopping in Dallas, TX (where my parents live) and was lucky enough to find both of our outfits in one weekend! 

images by Pen Carlson Photography
For all my recently engaged brides searching for invitation ideas, you definitely won’t want to miss this one:

From Mouzam : It was important that our wedding invitation reflected the style of our entire wedding as it was the first thing our guests would see. Brent's good friend is a graphic designer and he designed our invitations and all the other stationery for our wedding. Being able to custom design our stationery meant that it reflected our style perfectly. The invitation was a booklet with each page having a different set of information. The RSVP was a tear away postcard.  

images by Pen Carlson Photography
Adorable, perfect, and a match made in heaven.  We will be back tomorrow with their dramatic reception, with a color scheme you won’t want to miss!