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Sometimes I have to wipe my eyes, because I am in disbelief over the emails I get.  When the fabulous-o Ray Roman’s name was at the top of my inbox last week, I felt like a very lucky little girl.  Ray sent me the Ah-mazing (I heart Rachal Zoe) video he made for the lovely wedding of Mouzam and Brent, and every time I see his work, I fall a little bit more in love with it.  Cozy up with some chai, and feast your eyes on this:

From Mouzam : I spent countless late night hours searching the web in every corner of the world (and I do mean the world) to find a Wedding Cinematographer that I liked. I had a very specific style in mind - I wanted my wedding film to have certain Hollywood quality to it that really spoke to the emotions and feel of the day instead of being just a montage of images - and quality of the image and editing was of supreme importance (I'm a huge movie buff and the actor in me is very critical of film). So I was beyond ecstatic to finally find Ray Roman. Ray's films were exquisite and fun to watch, exactly what I wanted for my wedding film. Ray and his team are amazing. And when they surprised Brent and I and our friends with a surprise Same Day Edit a few hours after the reception, we were blown away.

We will be back tomorrow with the total breakdown of this gorgeous affair, so stay tuned!

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