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Sparkle 1

The biggest trend (and I hate the word trend, because this is anything but trendy) is to infuse Western traditions into your South Asia wedding. Having bridesmaids, carrying a bouquet, exchanging bands, these are all ways that American wedding traditions have worked their way into Indian weddings.  Surprisingly, you will even see these Asian-fusion type affairs with couples in India as well!

I was over the moon when I stumbled upon the charming company, Sparkle. Sparkle is the premier manufacturer of sparklers in the US. And, these are not the run of the mill sparklers you get around 4th of July. Sparkle is a family owned business that has a legacy in the fireworks industry, as well as, a dedication to make your wedding sparklers the perfect, memorable detail.  They come in a variety of sizes, 36 inches, 20 inch, and 10 inch.  And, I just looooove the idea of wrapping 4 or 5 of the 10 inches together to make a little firework bunch.

Sparkle 3 
From the lovely owner of Sparkle, Libba : For my wedding, I decided to pay tribute to my family background and instead of using rose petals or bubbles when I left for my honeymoon, I used sparklers.  My father has been in the retail fireworks industry his whole life and this was a nod of appreciation to my parents and the wonderful life I had growing up.  After the wedding, I had many people ask me where to get the sparklers – the long ones that last for 4 minutes.  Well, growing up in Tennessee near 4 of my dad’s stores, I told people to shop from him.  The only problem was that most people were from another state who were asking.  I dove into research and learned there was no one offering this kind of product to the wedding industry.  A simple ad in Martha Stewart Weddings 7 years ago started it all.  I love that the sparklers are used for weddings large and small, simple and fancy.  They are often the least expensive item of the wedding and the photos often turn out to be the bride’s favorites.
We definitely say “I do” to this enchanting little detail!