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When I talk to my former South Asian brides, we all agree that there always seems to be a discussion over portraits. Parents love having them in their homes, while couples seem to prefer having the candid photos displayed.  It’s always a debate, but if you are lucky enough to have Amna Siddiqui shoot your wedding.  You will walk away with modern, gorgeous portraits that will be a hit in yours and your parents home.

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The reason why I fell in love with Amna’s photography style is that she elegantly captures the bride and groom with shots that don’t look overly staged or posed.  There is an authentic quality to her portraits that make you feel like you are in the moment. Love, love, love.

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Utterly gorgeous, and Asima looks like a movie star! We will be back tomorrow with the glamorous reception of Asima and Farhan with details and décor ideas you won’t wanna miss.  See you tomorrow!