Maharani Weddings is all about our readers.  At the root of everything we do, we strive to create a resource of South Asian bridal ideas and inspiration for our community.  Our reader’s opinions, thoughts, and taste dictate what gets featured on the site and what doesn’t. We get a ton of traffic from vendors and others in the wedding biz, but our purpose at Maharani Weddings has always remained the same.  Maharani Wedding is a haven for South Asian brides.

So, if you are a dedicated Maharani Weddings reader, we would love to get to know you better.  We are looking for a few good ladies in the following categories:

- Brides to Be
- Former Brides
- Looking for her Prince Charming

Shoot us an email at with the following information:

Name, Age, Location & Category you fit into and we will be in touch.  Have a glorious afternoon and here is another highlight video for you to enjoy from our Platinum Guide member Robles Video:




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