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#4 – Rohin



It’s voting day!  Today we are having the finals of our November contest to see who will walk away as the winner of the $175 gift certificate to I Do Engravables.  This lucky couple will win a gorgeous engravable frame that will provide a lifetime of cherished memories. 

Thank you to all our readers who entered the contest.  It was really tough for me to narrow down the photographs to only 5, so I had to call in some help.  I called someone with great taste, elegant style, and someone who I ran every single dingle detail of my own wedding by - my Mom!

So, here are the finalists.  Make sure that you place a comment below  to vote for your favorite picture!

#1 – Mamta

#2 – Anjulika

#3 – Nipa

#5 – Yasna

I am SO happy that I don’t have to pick a winner.  It is up to all of you, so take a second to vote for your favorite and we will announce the winner on Tuesday the 17th!  Good luck!