The Platinum Guide is made up of the best wedding vendors, experienced and dedicated to serving South Asian brides.  We interview each name on the list and hand select them for our special guide.  I am thrilled to share with our community this love story piece created by our Platinum Guide members, Memories in Motion. Mili Gosh and her husband, Sid, are the imaginative duo that is always looking for their next creative challenge.  I have come to expect new and innovative ideas from them that are constantly pushing the edge of cinematography.  When you take a look at this video production it is easy to see why we are thrilled to have them as part of our exclusive group!

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Spectacular isn’t it?  Memories in Motion is based out of Chicago, but they produce film all over the globe.  They were booked solid in 2009, so if you are a 2010 bride looking for video production do not procrastinate calling them.  And, when you are living happily ever after, don’t forget to share your love story with all of us here!

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