There is something just perfect about a grand fusion wedding finale on Veteran Day.  Thank you to all the men and women all over the world working hard to make this world a more peaceful place.  And, a big thanks to all their friends and family supporting them in this noble cause.

Brenda and Jitesh’s Chinese/Indian fusion reception will make your heart skip a beat.  Not only did they have all sorts of yummy food, but this bride got to change outfits three times. Yes, you heard me correctly, from a wedding dress, to a Chinese dress, to a sari.  How fab is that?!


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From the bride : At the reception, we had approximately 400 guests at the reception.  One of the most complicated aspects of our wedding was the menu.  We opted to offer both Chinese and Indian food to our guests, and had them select from 3 options when they RSVPd (Indian vegetarian, Indian non-vegetarian or Chinese).  Because of this, we had to hire 2 different caterers, and planned out 4-course menus that "matched" for each of the 3 options.  We had personalized and colour-coded menus at each place setting to make sure our guests were served the right meals.  We received a lot of great feedback on the food, and I think everyone appreciated the change from the typical buffets that most Indian weddings have. We opted to not serve dessert at the tables, and instead had a sweet table/buffet which included the wedding cake, pastries, cookies, and candies.

During the reception, Jitesh and I, along with our parents, went from table to table, toasting with our guests.  This is a Chinese tradition and although it took a long time to get through all of the tables, it really was the one chance we had to see all of our guests and thank them for coming so it was worth the effort.

And, our centrepiece game included a "bhangra-dancing lesson” that our guests just loved!

Congratulations to the bride and groom and big thank you to Andrew Adams Photography for sharing these images with us!